• What does Golden LLC do with the assessment data entered by clients and administrators? How do you protect the privacy and confidentiality of client data?

    Golden LLC:

    - Does not access client data for any purpose other than generating reports, either directly for customers (individual clients) or indirectly (for administrators conducting assessment of their clients).

    - Does not maintain personal data on clients other than email addresses and demographic responses provided as part of the login and assessment experience.

    - Golden LLC may use aggregate client response data to research and analyze response patterns, however that research data never includes, nor reports any individual response data, or client names.

    - Administrator accounts are Login and Password protected. -Administrators can enter their own unique Login and Password and may change their codes at anytime.

    - Assessment administrators can delete client data whenever they choose through features within their password protected assessment center dashboard.

    - Individual client data is stored in the form of raw response, scale scores and four letter profile.

    Personality characteristics and results are scored using a proprietary, confidential and secured protocol.

    - Does not maintain any client or customer credit card information. A secure third party credit card transaction service is used by Golden LLC.

  • Once my Administration Account is active, how do I direct my clients/students to complete an assessment?

    Use the numeric Access Code, your unique 7-digit code provided when your account was first activated. Give your Access Code to anyone you want to complete an assessment. Instruct them to go to, select Take A Test, and Access Code. Remember to clearly identify which assessment you want them to complete.

  • How do I access my Administration Dashboard?

    On the Home page login link, enter your account ID and your password.

  • How do I purchase more assessment credits?

    Purchase more credits from within your account page; select 'Credits' and then select the Assessment you want to purchase more credits for. You can also purchase more credits through the More Options/Make Payments/Order Assessments link on your account.

  • How much do assessment credits cost?

    In your account, you can review price and volume based discounts for assessments by selecting Credits and Assessment you want to purchase more credits for. You can also review prices and discounts through the More Options/Make Payments/Order Assessments link.

  • Can we create a link on our website where our clients or employees can be directed to the beginning of the designated online assessment on our account?

    Yes, you would build your own assessment portal on your website with the user-input fields - full name and email address. The remaining form fields would be hidden. You can also direct users directly back to a designated web site page when the assessment is finished. Golden LLC developers can provide more specific guidance as needed and we can develop a proposal to build the interface for you.

  • Are your support resources really free?

    Yes, Golden LLC provides those who purchase assessments access to free resources, such as guidebooks, handouts, and technical manuals. These valuable resources provide necessary insight needed to understand and interpret the reports.

  • What do the Account Assessment "Status" comments mean?

    Every assessment on your account has a status comment.

    - "Active" means the assessment demographics have been entered by your client and a record has been created.

    - "Started" means the assessment was begun.

    - "Completed" means the assessment has been finished but not yet downloaded.

    - "Downloaded" means the report has been completed and downloaded and you have been charged for the report.

  • Do I have to download each report?

    Yes; at Golden LLC, we limit your access to reports until they have been downloaded. You are not charged for any assessment that has been taken until the corresponding report is downloaded. Downloading is very simple, as long as you have credits available. You can manually click the person's name from your Golden dashboard and as soon as the report opens in your browser, it is considered 'downloaded'. Alternatively, you can, if desired, provide a link to the report within the email sent to clients when they complete the assessment. Once that link is clicked, the report is considered 'downloaded', regardless of whether you manually download the report from your dashboard or not. Please note - you are only charged once regardless of how many times you download a report.

  • Can reports be obtained directly by my clients/employees/students?

    You have the option from within your account to have your clients gain immediate access to their report upon completion of the online assessment. This feature is popular among administrators, like professors and coaches, who prefer to put the reports quickly into the hands of their clients and/or prefer not to have to take the time to download reports and/or print, save or email them. Your account must have sufficient credits available in order for this feature to work. If your account has insufficient credits available, your clients can still complete their assessments but will be unable to obtain a copy of their report until additional credits have been purchased and are available in your account.

  • I perform psychological testing and was trained not to disclose raw psychological testing data directly to clients. I now have a client asking for access to their testing data, claiming HIPAA [Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996] requires disclosure to patients. Of course I give my client their full report of the results, but the client is insisting on getting the raw data. Is my client correct?

    Although psychological test publishers like Golden LLC are not specifically covered HIPPA healthcare entities, your professional practice might be. If so, your client is correct in this scenario; you are required to disclose test data to them. However, clients do not always have access to all of the assessment materials and results. Golden LLC supports providing access to all scale scores and raw response data. In fact, the Golden Report already discloses all scale scores calculated by the scoring system and Golden LLC provides access to raw responses for our assessments through the administrator control panel.

    If such a request is made, you can use the Data Retrieval feature on your dashboard to locate the data in the form of raw responses. If you need help, you may contact