How does a Golden online account work?

  1. When you submit your account registration, your online account will be established as Level-A or Level-B credentialed.
  2. You'll be sent a welcome email with the information needed to administer assessments. In fact, your new account and the available assessments, your account will be pre loaded with one credit for each assessment at no charge. We recommend using this credit yourself, so you can personally experience the assessment process.
  3. To start using your account with clients, simply provide the link to and your account Access Code. Be clear about which assessment(s) you expect them to take! When an assessment is completed, you'll be emailed immediately. You can view or select to have reports sent immediately via email attachment to your clients.
  4. You're charged only for reports you download, or sent via email. Purchase more administration credits any time from within your personal account dashboard. Registering for your Administration Account now.