Taking an Assessment with a Credit Card: When you're ready to begin, select the assessment you want to take. You will then be transferred to our secure credit card server. After your credit card is approved, you will be returned to the appropriate assessment. If you are unable to complete the assessment in one session, or if you experience a problem with your Internet connection while in progress, you may return here and re-enter your name(the same name you used to purchase the assessment) to complete the assessment from where you left off. (NOTE: if you have an access code provided to you by an assessment administrator, please click here).


  The Golden Personality Profiler v5.1 ($29.95)

  The Golden Student Profiler ($19.95)

  The Values Arrangement List for Individuals (VAL) ($29.95)

  The Values Arrangement List for Teens (VAL-T) ($19.95)

  The Values Arrangement List for Organizations (VALOR) ($29.95)

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