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Golden LLC is the sole provider of Certification Training for:

"Golden Personality Type Profiler", "Values Arrangement List", and "Values Arrangement List for Organizations"
are trademarks of Pearson, San Antonio, TX.

Online and Customized Certification Training Program formats are offered to fit your needs

Online Golden Program
GPTPonline was created by Dr. John Golden, this revolutionary 100% online learning platform makes learning about the Golden fun and easy. He shares his unique insights and capabilities in order to master the use of the Golden at your own pace, on your own schedule at an incredible price. Go to our new website GPTPonline to learn more and Register now! Customized Programs
Designed for professionals whose time demands or learning preferences necessitate special treatment. We will develop a specific learning proposal and customize the learning experience to meet your specific assessment goals and objectives. Customized programs can be conducted for one person or groups - large and small. Contact GOLDEN about setting up a Customized Certification Training program.

More About Certification Training:
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